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never-ending winter

By ccrossen | April 4, 2017


We are quickly approaching 750″ total snowfall for the higher areas in Tahoe, more in the Central Sierra. It’s been a big winter, now on par with 2010-2011, but with much more water. The peaks are filled in, lines being hit that’s haven’t seen proper tracks in a long time. Great top see everyone getting out there and exploring a bit. This weekend we have another (#12?) atmospheric river event in store, beginning Thursday evening through Saturday. Up to 36-48″ up high. Snow levels look to fluctuate a lot around lake level, so it’s not clear yet what will happen. Hang on!

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By ccrossen | January 25, 2017


Massive January… now in the books. Biggest January ever, biggest month ever. Donner Summit/Sugarbowl reporting near 300 inches for January 2017. It has been hectic and amazing, intense, tragic, and unbelievable. We now close the month with a bunch of humility and digging out. Looks like a new AR on tap for mid-next week. Stay tuned. Head’s up out there… lots of strange layers, different densities, and things happening where they typically do not…

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into the weird

By ccrossen | January 4, 2017


It’s been quite a week in Tahoe to start off 2017. And we are going to have another wild 8 days or more… as a major AR event is scheduled for the wekend, and then more next week. The current QPF forecast os for 20+ ” of water for the next 7 days. This does not include the 50+” of snow we just received over the past three days. Snow quality and amounts will vary radically with these incoming storms, highly depending upon elevation and cold air masses in place when they arrive. This weekend in particular, we are looking at 9″ of water, snow lines fluctuating between 5000-9500′. We may see 80″+ of snow above 9000′ and only 12″ below 7000′. Next weeks systems, still a long way out look to be somewhat colder, but hard to say at this point.

On top of all this price. we have a very upside down snow pack, with facets and an ice layer down low. This can be a very scary scenario, and it looks like it will only worsen with the incoming snow/rain … We will basically have very saturated/heavy snow/slab on top of facets.

Hold on and be patient 

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60, 80, 100, 120…

By ccrossen | January 2, 2017

Huge week ahead for Tahoe. 12+” today (Monday) and then heavy snow Tues-Wds (2-4′) and then again Sat-Monday (4-6′ above 7000??). Some very big questions remain for the weekend AR event, namely how much the cold air moving in the day before affects the river inbound. If it comes into cold we are in for a major snow event; if it’s warm, we could see flooding and a lot of tears.

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storm update

By ccrossen | December 23, 2016

The forecasted storm has split, with the bulk of the moisture and heavy snow shifting south of us. We’re now looking at 6″ in town and 12″ up high. Hopefully we see things pick up later this evening….

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