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We are in store for an impressive early season kick-off … a lot of precip is coming our way, most of it in the form of rain for Tahoe, and a lot of wind, via an atmospheric river event that will begin very early Friday morning and last until early next week. There are multiple waves with  this system, with the first arriving Friday, and then again Sunday into Monday, with another following closely behind. Temps are high until Sunday evening. Right now it is not very clear how much snow Tahoe and the Sierra will get, but we’re looking at anywhere from 2-4 inches of water. From NWS: Snow levels will be in the 7,500- 8,500 foot range north of I-80 and 8,500-10,000 foot range south of there Sunday, falling to around 6,000-7,500 feet by Monday morning. This means that initially the only Sierra passes affected by snow will be Tioga, Sonora, and Mt Rose. However, by Sunday night into Monday, snow is possible on all Sierra passes and anyone with travel plans should be prepared for winter conditions.

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Summer is in full climbing-swing right now, perfect granite weather for the Sierra. Great temps and lots of classic lines to explore… enjoy it before winter starts its approach and we switch gears.

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A fun refresh this past Friday, 4-6″ on top of firm, but the low angle skied very well. Over the weekend, we saw great corn conditions up high where the sun-facing aspects haven’t been melted out yet… and a few small pockets of cold winter snow remain… we still have lots of snowpack remaining up high - just need to get to it. We are very warm all week, but this Friday we start a 2 week cycle of cold weather, rain, snow, and unsettled conditions. Be ready for mini pow sessions as they may come every few days beginning this Fri/Sat. It looks like the initial system may run further south, but the models have been jumping, and we’re still a little ways out. stay tuned and be ready

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the sierra continue the great winter run, with an amazing last week of snow… from Tahoe to the East Side conditions were great, and a lot of high lines saw unprecedented quality toward the end of the week and weekend. conditions are still holding well way up high, though the access is melting out relatively quickly. look for a system to descend this weekend, with high snow levels, fluctuating between 7500-9000′ for Tahoe. the weather looks unsettled for the ongoing period, and the high country could benefit nicely. stay tuned and ready.

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110+ inches in 10 days Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:33:16 +0000 ccrossen Some big storms and big skiing during the past couple weeks in Tahoe. Upper elevations were slammed by two significant storms, high winds, and some excellent skiing. Donner Summit has broken the 500 inch mark for the season, and most resorts and backcountry lines above 7500-8000 are buried. Squaw’s GasX on Headwall face is buried, Palisades were filled in deep, and the Crest is looking as fat as it’s been since 2011. All bodes well for a great spring season up top, and excellent water prospects for California in general. Down low, it’s a different story, with a substantial rain crust to approx. 7,500′, one of the worst crusts I’ve ever experienced. And the snow down low is not very deep, and, at this point, we’re going to be looking at some dirt approaches come April. So, it’s feeling a lot like El Nino now, warm storms, lots of snow up high, and rain events down low….

The next system is due in Sunday evening, again with very high snow levels into Monday AM. We’re looking at rain to about 8000′, and then colder Monday, down to Lake level. Perhaps up to 12+ inches on the Crest.