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BD O1 Binding’s Breaking

By ccrossen | April 14, 2008

A lot of recent posts and talk about Black Diamond O1 binding’s snapping in half lately – seems that a number of people (including BD sponsored skier Nick DeVore) have had their O1s simply break in half, on the metal plate, just behind the bright green engagement switch. Most people report that their two rear screwds pulled up out of the ski while they were making turns, and the next thing they kmnew, their binding had ripped out and broken in half, or had bent and almost broken. Other people have reported cracking just behind the engagement switch.

I have a lot of days on my O1s and have not seen any cracks.

There are a number of different theories out there for why this binding is blowing up, most having to do with the pivot point and the basic mechanics of how the binding works and the added stress this places on the rear screws. and binding plate as a whole.

I do not care for the way the O1 skis, and much of that is due to the pivot point and the load the cable puts on my boot and binding, changing the dynamics of the basic telemark turn.

So far, no real comment from BD.

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