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By ccrossen | October 10, 2018


2018-2019 season is underway in Colorado and Utah…. 18″ up high in the Rockies, turns being made, though a bit scratchy this time of year…. Tahoe is still waiting it’s turn… which may be awhile. We’ve had a few dustings over the last week, but model runs are showing clear and dry everywhere but Alaska for the next two weeks. So enjoy the mt. biking, backpacking, climbing, fishing etc. until winter hopefully returns come November…. Lots of questions regarding season forecasts, etc. It is always very difficult to say what will happen in Tahoe, esp. with weaker El Nino years, which we most likely will experience this year. Hit or miss, and the variable of ever-warmer temps really changes any sort of guess-work we may have used before. Things are changing, radically, and the rate and magnitude of those changes is very difficult to understand when looking from within. Predictability has always been difficult, and now wider swings will make it even more so….

Anyone interested in learning more about the long-term climate of the earth, what is happening now, and what might happen, I encourage to check out Doug Macdougall’s excellent book, Why Geology Matters. Given geoscientists abilities to date rocks and ice cores and analyze the chemical and mineral components of those layers/deposits, we gain an incredible understanding of what the earth has experienced before us, and what might come based on current events. It is an incredible, if not terrifying, look into where we stand relative to the last 4 billion years and the many changes our planet undergoes over even just 10,000s of thousands of years. we will most likely end up as the plastic layer with extremely high levels of CO2.


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