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Pow + Ridge!

By ccrossen | December 4, 2017

Six inches and a lot of wind and cold out there – fantastic ski conditions. We had very high winds (110mph) associated with this system, so be aware of wind loading and slabs. Above 8000′ the snowpack is in great shape, really much like mid-winter, and the riding is great. East winds are in effect today. Enjoy it while the temps stay cold as we are looking at a three week period without any price. Ridge is forming and it should be stuck here until at least Dec. 20th. For more info on this ridge, which we have seen before, visit:

Things may change, but for right now enjoy these cold pow conditions while we have them.

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snow + deep slabs

By ccrossen | November 17, 2017

A lot of new snow above 8500. The high country got hammered, with anywhere from 3-6 feet of new snow at the higher elevations. This is a fairly dense layer, which is presenting some major deep, ground-level facet issues, specifically in the Rose area (for now). Given the high snow levels and the access to other zones, it remains to be seen whether or not this problem layer exists elsewhere.

We had a deep slab slide in Hourglass yesterday, human-triggered. For more on the facet layer and what we’re dealing with, see the SAC write-up.

The take-away (why the SAC has been posting info about areas where snow has persisted throughout the fall): the Sept and Oct snow that remains has changed a lot over time, and now it is presenting a major problem… head’s up in the zones where you know old snow remains way down deep.

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storm update

By ccrossen | November 14, 2017

Second system of the week is inbound, this one much more significant, due to arrive Wds-Friday AM, with the heaviest precip Thrs and Thrs evening. This is a very warm system yet again, with snow levels primarily above 8,000′. Below that, depending on how quickly the temps fall Thrs evening, we could see 2-6″ at lake level. Hard to say with these early season storms. For now, we are confided to skiing the high alpine … and up there we’re going to see another good blast, 3’+ of excellent base layer.

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Here we go …

By ccrossen | October 30, 2017

a little more clarity to the snow forecast for this weekend. We’re looking at 1-3 feet over the weekend period above 7500. Below that elevation we can see a mix of rain and snow, with accumulations up 6″ or so…. get ready, winter is coming. This event is coming in warm to cold, a perfect start to the season.

We still have remnants of very old snow out there, so pay attention to exactly how this system does come in. Looks like we will have a decent base up high soon.

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Incoming – first real storm?

By ccrossen | October 27, 2017

Weather remains beautiful for the next week. End of next week, however, we will see our first early winter system move in, with decent precip and cold temps, with a first real start to a snowpack up high. And cold air behind it. Stay tuned as the next few days will reveal a lot more information.

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