real deep snow



lining up

By ccrossen | February 29, 2016


Enjoy the last throes of our mid-winter spring, because big changes are coming. The models have been zeroing in on a big pattern shift and a series of storms due to hit the Sierra beginning next Sat/Sun - the following week. Potentially, this could be a big week for snow, maybe the biggest all season, as we have what could be 3-4 storms lined up back to back, a few with the potential to drop 2-3 feet up high. Currently, it looks like this active pattern could continue into the following week as well.

meanwhile, enjoy the corn while we have it…. incredibly warm temps out there, with variable conditions, the full run from corn to isolated pockets of powder way up high N. Search and you will find.


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on target

By ccrossen | February 17, 2016

winds and rain have started early this morning in Tahoe. We will see the main storm push in later this afternoon and evening. Warm to start but finishing cold. We should see up to 12″ around Lake level and up to 24″ up high along the Crest. Conditions will be very windy throughout and continue into the day tomorrow. Snow showers remain Thrs-Fri, then we look to go dry again… with fairly warm temps.

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spring mode

By ccrossen | February 12, 2016


enjoy it wile it lasts… great corn conditions, warm temps, lots of lines filled in and the steeps are skiing well. we have another 5 days or so of spring, and then we return to winter for the back-half of February. Enjoy.

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By ccrossen | February 10, 2016

The waiting period has begun … looks like we’re still at  least a week or so out from any possible systems entering the Tahoe region. High pressure and high temps reign. Fortunately, the inverted temps are leaving, so we should be getting good hard freezes at night up high and warm sunny days to get us into a corn cycle. Yesterday was a mixed bag with pow, muck, and mashed potatoes, as we did not have cold temps up high the previous night, but that has changed and we should be progressing to more skiable temps and terrain.

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By ccrossen | January 31, 2016

Another storm cycle for Tahoe…. after the deluge Thrs and Friday, we had great snow for Sat Sunday, with up to 14 inches in places. Not as much as we had hoped for, but a great continuation and refresh. Temps stay cold for the beginning of the week, so enjoy the winter snow while we have it. Looks like we have a chance of snow showers early this week as well. Then a 7-10 dry spell with temps rising. Might have a bit of a corn cycle coming up.

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