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high and dry start

By ccrossen | October 24, 2019

Now that we’ve entered the storm window, and we keep our eyes peeled to the North, it’s looking like a pretty dry start – until at least mid-November until any systems start rolling through for Tahoe. After a colder-than-normal September and October, where we did see some dustings on the ridges, we do not expect any precipitation for awhile. The seasonal NOAA forecast calls for average to drier than average precipitation this winter, but this is a long-range, open-ended forecast that merely provides some sort of guidance. We do not expect any sort of El Nino- or La Nina-related events to develop, which leaves a lot unknown when it comes to Sierra snowfall.

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming have all seen significant snowfall already; just need it to keep snowing and prevent any earl-season bad layers from developing. Tahoe has areas where snow early season snow and left-overs from last season are lingering, so make sure you keep on top of where those are – up high, N facing.


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